Rowington - A Warwickshire Parish


Rowington is located in rural Warwickshire close to the towns of Warwick, Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon and Solihull. The wider parish covers about 3,800 acres and encompasses  the hamlets of Finwood, High Cross, Holywell, Lowsonford, Mousley End, Oldfield, Pinley, Poundley End, Rookery, Rowington Green, Turner's End and part of Kingswood. 

The village of Rowington consists of a series of scattered settlements and isolated farms and houses dotted along its narrow country lanes and has no clear centre.
Old Warwick Road, Rowington
Many consider the conservation area towards the south of the village, where St Laurence church, Rowington Hall and the former schoolhouse are located, to be the village centre. However, there is an alternative cluster of activity further north at Rowington Green, where the village hall, men's club, tennis courts and cricket field are to be found, and this area could also lay claim to being the centre of the village.


The population of just over 900 is largely made up of people involved in agriculture and related industries, the self-employed and commuters who work in commerce and industry in the surrounding towns and the nearby cities of Birmingham and Coventry. 


The church of St Laurence dates back to medieval times, although it has been much altered over the centuries. The only other church in the parish is St Luke's which is far newer, having been built in the Victorian era, and occupies a picturesque spot close to the centre of Lowsonford.


There are a number of working farms in the parish, many of which remain in the custody of long established local families. The surrounding farmland is a mixture of arable and grazing land, the latter of which is used to graze sheep and beef and dairy catt
Grazing cattle
le. Horse riding is a very popular activity in this part of Warwickshire and there are several livery yards within the parish.


Two canals pass through the parish, the Grand Union canal and the Stratford-upon-Avon canal. The two meet at Kingswood junction in neighbouring Lapworth. The narrowboats that sail along them bring holidaymakers to the parish from all over the world and the towpaths are popular with local fishermen and walkers.


A long distance footpath, the Heart of England Way, passes through Rowington and there are numerous other footpaths and bridleways in the parish, as well as the towpaths of the Stratford-upon-Avon and Grand Union canals, providing pleasant walking in unspoilt countryside.


Rowington is well served for public houses. There are five pubs within the parish and several more just beyond its boundary, many of which are located on or close to the canalside.


There are no longer any shops in Rowington but there are a number of village facilities, including a post office and a newsagent in neighbouring Lapworth and there is a post office and general stores in nearby Shrewley.


Since the closure of the village school in the 1980's, the nearest primary schools are in Lapworth, Hatton, Wolverton and Claverdon.


Being in the heart of England, the rest of the country is very accessible from Rowington and communications are generally excellent, although for local travel a car or bicycle is recommended.


The Rowington community may be relatively small but it is extremely active. There are numerous thriving societies and charitable organisations, a cricket club, a tennis club and a badminton club, a members only licensed club and two village halls at which community events are held throughout the year. In addition, the Horticultural Society holds its annual flower show in August. There is always something going on in Rowington.
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