There are now two active WMAS defibrillators linked to the WMAS Control Centre located in the parish. One is at Rowington Village Hall and the other is at Lowsonford Village Hall.

In an emergency, upon dialling 999, if it is thought that a defibrillator will be of help, the WMAS Control Centre will advise the caller of the location of the nearest defibrillator and give the code number which will allow the metal box to be opened and the defibrillator to be taken out in its carrying case.

Two First Aid courses have already taken place for local residents, one at Rowington and one at Lowsonford. If you did not attend one of these but would like to attend a short course in the future please let the Parish Council know.

The defibrillators are very straightforward to operate and the machine will talk the operator through every stage of the procedure.


Our local police team is the Warwick Rural West Safer Neighbourhood team. Their website also provides lots of useful information about local policing, as well as contact details.

The team publishes a monthly newsletter, the Western Express, detailing crimes committed in our area in the previous week together with other useful information. Click here to view the latest newsletter.

Local Community Forum Meetings are attended by members of our Safer Neighbourhood Team together with representatives from Warwickshire County Council, Warwick District Council and various other local agencies. These meetings are open to members of the public. If you can't make the meetings you can now contribute by completing the online form here.


Did you know that Hatton and Haseley Churches now produce a weekly e-mail with news, updates and a calendar of local events and church services covering Hatton, Haseley, Shrewley, Beausale, Honiley, Wroxall, Rowington, Lowsonford and all areas in between?

If you would like to receive the community e-mail simply send an e-mail saying "Yes to Community E-mail" by clicking

. They would also welcome notice of any events being held in the area for inclusion in the community e-mail.



Local rural Oil Syndicate goes from strength to strength


We’ve had a very exciting start to the year and have three lots of news to share. 


Firstly, we decided that ‘Warwickshire Community Oil & LPG Syndicate’ had become rather a mouthful so have changed this to Energy Warwickshire with a dedicated website at www.energywarwickshire.org.uk. Anyone who is interested in cheaper oil can now both sign up and place an order at their own convenience. Look out for new posters too.


Secondly, thanks to the syndicate we have been able to reduce the price of bulk LPG from an already low 43 pence per litre to just 41 pence per litre with a £100 fuel discount for new domestic members. People power works!


And lastly, when did you last pay less for your oil in the Winter than in the Summer? Well, that’s what our members have achieved over the last couple of months, paying just 51.95 pence per litre in March and less than 50 pence per litre in April. We don’t think we shall ever get to grips with how the pricing works but so long as it works in favour of our members we’ll not be too worried. Over the last 12 months our members have saved an average of over £52 per 1000 litres against the average market price and a whopping £142 against the market high. How does your oil supplier measure up?